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We specifically benefit individual investors, who are often at a disadvantage due to the structure of financial services in South Africa and the focus on commission-driven sales.

Kruger International’s services and products have been developed to meet the needs of our diverse client base, which includes individuals, financial advisors/brokers and trustees of pension and provident funds.


Private individuals are at the core of Kruger International’s business. Our loyal base of individual investors – grown mainly through referrals – is our largest source of new business. Kruger International manages the underlying investments of pension and preservation funds, investment plans, policies and other types of investments on behalf of private individuals, family trusts, companies and close corporations.

Financial intermediaries

Kruger International enters into agreements with selected financial intermediaries to provide clients with investment management and research services. We regard these intermediaries as partners and may refer private clients to them. Intermediaries and their clients benefit from a cost perspective, as investments are not exclusive to product providers.


Kruger International enters into agreements with trustees of pension and provident funds to provide advice on the investment management of their funds.  Kruger International is an approved Momentum independent multi-fund investment manager and multi-fund investment management is conducted via Momentum’s FundsAtWork platform.

Kruger International’s service is of mutual benefit for the investor and portfolio manager, as remuneration is performance-directed and is derived from an ongoing management service fee instead of transaction-driven commissions.

Kruger International is responsible for all investment strategies and decisions regarding our clients’ portfolios, as well as compiling and managing the Kruger funds.

Quantitative Screening

Our analysts consistently screen thousands of investment opportunities on a daily basis, using scientifically-based analytical systems. These opportunities include both local and global equities, property, gilts, collective investments, policies and annuities.

Hands-on Process

Graphs of international markets, asset classes, indices and, in particular, the funds in the Kruger portfolios, are analysed daily to identify developments and trends that may affect the risk-yield relationship.

Quantitative Model

Our unique quantitative (mathematical and statistical) model compares screened data, enabling us to select investment opportunities showing an optimal balance between risk and return. This process occurs weekly.

Qualitative Analysis

Our analysts and investment committee meet on a quarterly basis exclusively with third party fund managers and analysts to screen third party investment opportunities, portfolios and collective investment schemes on a qualitative basis.

Review of Process and Portfolio

Processes and investment portfolios are reviewed quarterly by our investment committee at a formal, minuted meeting. Changes are effected when required, but we avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Portfolios are only rebalanced when cost-effective and when our model clearly indicates the necessity for change.