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Fund Objective

The objective of the portfolio is to provide investors with income and capital growth whilst preserving capital over time and reducing volatility of returns over the medium term. The portfolio is aimed at the low risk investor as it is limited to a maximum of 40% exposure to equities . The portfolio adheres to the guidelines set by Regulation 28.

Underlying Holdings
Ci Cautious Fund
Nedgroup Investments Stable Fund (Foord)
Abax SA Absolute Prescient Fund
Kruger International Flexible Fund
Kruger International Equity Fund

Asset Allocation

Fund Information

ASISA Classification South Africa – Multi Asset – Low Equity
Risk Classification Low
Benchmark South African Multi Asset Low Equity Category Average
Launch date 18/07/2005
Opening price 1000.00 cents per unit
Initial fee Class A: 0%
Annual service fee (incl. VAT) Class A: 0.599%
Valuation time of fund 24:00
Trading closing time 14:00
Minimum investment Lump Sum: R 5 000 / Monthly: R 500
Fund size R 344 million
Trustee Standard Chartered Bank

Additional Fund Information

FAIS Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  • The annual fees for the A class include a fee of 0.228% payable to Kruger, a fee of 0.228% payable to Ci Collective Investments, a fee of 0.143% payable to Analytics Consulting. All fees stated are inclusive of VAT.
    Please note that in most cases where the Financial Services Provider (FSP) is a related party to the portfolio manager, the FSP/distributor may earn additional fees other than those charged by the portfolio manager. It is the FSP’s responsibility to disclose such additional fees to the investor.


  • This is a multi-asset low equity portfolio which means that it may invest in a spectrum of equity, bond, property and money market and tends to display reduced short term volatility and aims for long term capital growth. The portfolio may have a maximum equity exposure of up to 40% and complies with the regulation governing retirement funds. This portfolio may, at the discretion of the portfolio manager, invest up to 25% of the assets outside of South Africa plus an additional 5% of the assets in Africa excluding South Africa.

Risk Reward profile

  • Typically, the lower the risk, the lower the potential return and the higher the risk, the higher the potential return. There is no guarantee that returns will be higher when investing in a portfolio with a higher risk profile. The risk profile for this portfolio is rated as low, as it may only invest up to 40% in equity securities, both locally and abroad.

June 2019 Fund Fact Sheet

Investment Committee

Hein Kruger: Chief Investment Officer
Mia Kruger: Portfolio Manager
Johan Marais: Investment Committee Member
Charl Bester: Investment Committee Member
Chris Nel: Investment Committee Member
Analytics Consulting: Investment Consultant