Who are we?

Our personal advice and guidance enables you to build a framework for financial decision-making.

The best financial decisions are made by taking into account lifestyle, future plans, goals and ambitions. Investment decisions are made with due regard to all your other choices, for instance, where you spend, how much you save, date of retirement and even what your retirement age is. We consider all your expectations and needs. You receive reliable and personal advice uniquely designed to address your individual needs, putting you in a position to make calculated decisions to implement strategies with your unique goals in mind. It is a truly holistic, relevant and feasible financial plan.

Established by Hein Kruger in 2000, Kruger International is registered as a discretionary investment Manager (FSPII) with the Financial Services Board, and as fund manager of the Kruger funds with the Registrar of Collective Investments.


The company philosophy is to provide a cost-effective and successful financial service to all clients. In this way we ensure that our clients can reap the benefits of wealth management. This specifically benefits the ‘small’ investor, who is often at a disadvantage due to the structure of financial services in South Africa and the emphasis on commission-driven sales.


Kruger International’s service is of mutual benefit for the investor and portfolio manager, as remuneration is performance-directed and is derived from an ongoing management service fee instead of transaction-driven commissions.


Our relationship with Analytics Consulting keeps us in the lead

Analytics Consulting is an investment consulting and product development company that concentrates on developing tailor-made solutions for the top independent multi-manager companies in South Africa. Every solution is developed to adapt to the needs of multi-managers and their clients.

The Analytics Consulting team has specialist expertise in providing independent investment advisory services to multi-manager investment committees. In addition they develop local and international product structures to facilitate cost- and tax-effective management of investments through the relevant investment committees