Our Process and Partnership with you.

Through a comprehensive analysis, the Kruger International GPS plots your current financial position. From there, we construct your detailed and personalised financial road map. We are your partner on the journey to financial success.

How we Manage Money

The Kruger Investment Committee ensures that the Kruger funds are:

We give you access to a wide range of investment solutions to suit your personal needs.

We keep it easy, simple and quick to invest and withdraw your money.

We enable investors to manage their tax affairs in an efficient manner.

Including a range of asset classes in a portfolio lowers risk. In addition to traditional asset classes, we offer you exposure to renewable energy and infrastructure, as well as regulated private equity.

Kruger Internasionaal

We keep total costs as low as possible.

We are at the forefront of technological innovation to make investing easier.

Our comprehensive investor reporting shows you how your assets are faring and what you are paying.

The regulator approves our funds, they are properly and ethically managed and clear to investors.

We partner with individuals and families, financial advisors and brokers, trustees of trusts, pension and provident funds, as well as management of organisations. Our management fees are transparent and investor-focused.

Financial intermediaries

and Families


We work with independent financial advisors and financial advisor groups to assist them with the management of personalised model portfolios for their clients. The Kruger Investment Committee offers its collective experience, investment expertise, research, analysis and follows a thorough investment decision-making process.

Our loyal base of individual and family investors have grown mainly through personal referrals – the ultimate testimonial. We work with private individuals and families, trusts, companies and other organisations to manage your complete investment portfolios. We optimise asset allocation to fulfill your unique short-term cash flow needs while growing your long-term wealth.

We advise trustees of trusts, pension and provident funds, and management of organisations on the investment management of the funds entrusted to their care. The Kruger Investment Committee uses its collective experience, investment expertise, research and analysis to follow a thorough investment decision-making process.

Excellence in Investing.

Innovative Technology

Kruger International has joined forces with major technology players Grid and Silica, today known as FNZ, as part of the Graphite project, to become the first investors in South Africa to transact unit trusts in true real time. This has set the benchmark for investor access to collective investments and mutual funds.

Leading International Research

Our fund management team tracks and implements leading international research and trends in optimising the management of the Kruger funds. We use the latest portfolio construction methods and quantitative processes to continuously improve the risk-adjusted returns of our funds.

Indexation Strategies

We use various indexation strategies in our portfolio construction to access asset classes like equities, renewable energy and infrastructure, private equity, listed property, fixed income and cash instruments. The result is that the Kruger funds offer a higher certainty of market-beating returns, larger diversification and more cost-effective investments.

Timeless Investment principles

Our focus remains firmly on implementing timeless and proven investment principles in managing the Kruger funds.

Reasons to invest with us.

We apply the latest international research with our leading expertise in portfolio construction to manage the Kruger funds. The Kruger Investment Committee follows a stringent investment process to pursue market-beating performance. Combined with technological innovation and compliance with all relevant laws, we offer a good return on investments, peace of mind and the most cost-effective investment charges.


Optimal returns


Lower total investment costs


Technological innovation


The latest fund management methods